5 Benefits of Jumping Rope in the Mornings (2020)

The Best 2020 CrossFit Jump Rope: A Definitive Purchasing Guide

5 Benefits of Jumping Rope in the Mornings (2020)

CrossFit puts your body to the extremes. You will build the muscle and endurance your body needs for your life.

There are a lot of exercises under CrossFit, with jumping rope an excellent source of cardio and strength training.

But with many brands and types of jump ropes available, which one should you purchase? In this article, we will show you our top five picks on the best CrossFit jump rope!

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CrossFit is a VERY intense workout program that consists of extreme exercises that put your body to the test. With jumping rope added to your workout program, you will be able to exercise both your mind and body.

It gives you not only a form of cardiovascular exercise but also strength training to help improve your health and muscles at the same time. Jumping rope burns 10-16 calories per minute, with 3 ten-minute rounds burning as much as 480 calories!

Using a jump rope as an exercise increases bone density but won't be as hard on your joints compared to running. Your body learns to become more flexible and balanced. You start to increase your stamina and endurance as you reach new jump rope records.

Not only that, but jump rope is also great for the brain, improving your coordination, rhythm, and strategy. It does so because of the many jump rope tricks you can do!

Also, you only use one piece of affordable equipment. And it's one you can do anytime, anywhere! It's the reason why jump ropes are considered an ideal activity for athletes and fitness buffs!

There are different variations and exercises you can do, but what are the best Cross Fit jump rope workouts to maximize its use? Also, how can you use it properly to burn calories and improve on your body's coordination and speed?

Here are some most effective tips you can follow:

Arm movement

Use your wrist rather than moving your whole arm, as it makes you spin slower. Flick your wrist quickly to get a speedier turn. We recommend that you start with single bounces to practice.

Keep your arms to the side of your torso, letting the elbows close to your rib cage. This prevents you getting hit by the rope and stopping your workout.

Feet placement

Don't jump with your feet close together. Rather, place them hip-distance apart for you to keep balance and do your double unders efficiently. Doing so will give you a much stable base that has you focusing on jumping up and down.

When you land, use the balls of your feet and do not land on your heels.

Jumping high

Don't jump too high, as this exerts too much energy and will have you burning out quickly. Start off with small bounces and work your way up.

Keep practicing

Don't let one mistake get you down! Create a workout routine suitable to your skill level and slowly increase the intensity as you see improvements. After all, practice makes perfect!

After getting used to the jump rope, you can start to look for more challenging and progressive workouts that will push you to the limits and have your mind and body become healthier!

50 Jump Rope Exercise to Build Your Body 

See This Video to learn more about Jump Rope Exercise:

We recommend that the thickness of the rope would be 1/32 of an inch. Beginners are better off with thinner cables, while beginners or intermediate athletes should use thicker ones.

As for length, this all depends on your height and how high you jump. You can measure yourself to get a proper fit for your jump rope. Many jump ropes have adjustable handles, so look for one that can easily be adjusted according to your preference.


There are two primary materials: vinyl or metal coated in rubber. Vinyl cords are slower but won't hurt as much when you are hit. The metal cables last longer and spin faster, but they will hurt! We recommend the former for beginners who want to improve on a more rapid spin.

Weight of Handles

The weight all depends on your goals. If you want to achieve speed, then a lighter handle will work. A heavier one is for better control. Also, check the shape of the handles for better comfort and grip, even if you are sweating.


The jump rope should be versatile and cater to any body type or skill level. It should also be able to perform well no matter where you are, may you be using it outside or indoors.

The jump rope should have the ultimate performance for you to jump properly and make quick turns, making your workout an effective one.

Overall Brand Reputation

Look for jump rope brands that have been proven efficient and quality from top notch athletes and other trusted sources. The more positive the customer reviews, the better.


Find a jump rope that isn't only durable to withstand your workouts, but also long-lasting for many workouts to come. That way, you have assured something that won't break anytime soon. We recommend those made nylon, as they are stronger than other materials such as vinyl.

our research, testing, and overall customer reviews, here are our top five picks on CrossFit jump ropes:

**Below, you'll find more detailed reviews, however you can also click the links above to see current prices and customers's reviews on Amazon.

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What we love about this jump rope are its adjustability and compact body. It's lightweight and small, ready to be taken anywhere. You won't need to worry about the weather or where you are, as the body is robust and durable enough to train under rain or shine. It is also adjustable according to your height and preference.

Adjusting with its two sliding screws and collars is easy. You can even cut off the cable length if needed.

Many pro athletes use these for their CrossFit training, may it be for double unders, crises crosses, or high knees.

It makes for a great warm-up or part of their program. It's an all-around jump rope that does the job in strengthening your muscles and burning fat.

The body is tiny and has nicely shaped handles that you can easily grip. Coming at an affordable price, it's a great buy for beginners and pros a. For a speed jump rope, it doesn't tangle, making your workouts more efficient.

When using it, you'll love how quick you can spin over and do different variations to make your workout session an intense and compelling one.

  • The handles and rope is lightweight and can be brought anywhere.- Easy to store
  • The cables do not kink when using it for quick spins
  • Soft cable for better variety in hand positions
  • Its lightweight body is great for speed jumpers
  • Made sturdy and durable material to last for long.
  • Bullet Point 2
  • Not suitable for casual exercise, as its lightweight cord works better when using the rope for quick spins.
  • It may be difficult to adjust the length at times

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For starters, this jump rope's body has the quality materials that make it robust and durable to last throughout any workout. Many have raved about it lasting for many months and years without it breaking out.

Its handles have a good grip and will stick to your hands no matter how sweaty they can get. It's lightweight and compact, weighing only 5.6 ounces.

You can easily roll it up and store it, either for traveling or when at home.You can easily adjust the rope to whatever length you want. Though it doesn't come with instructions, you'll easily understand how to use it.

Cut it to how long you want it to be, then screw it to secure the rope length. When using it, you'll appreciate the fact that it won't tangle or roll up. It's ideal for speed skipping because of its lightweight body but can also do tons of other variations easily.

Another perk is that the jump rope comes with a lifetime guarantee, so even if something happens, you will still have a quality jump rope. With Master of Muscle's excellent customer service and delivery, you'll be able to enjoy the jump rope from the moment you purchase it and for years to come!

  • Comes with a free e-book and lifetime warranty
  • There is a rubber sheath for better lifespan
  • Rope has a good grip and can be rolled up easily for storing- Great customer service to answer all your queries
  • Provides smooth rotation without having to exert too much effort
  • The handle is a bit too small for those who have big palms
  • Its lightweight body makes it better for speed jumpers than for other workouts

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What's so great about WOD Nation's jump rope is its complete package and quality of their ropes! You can choose from a variety of colors and designs that suit your preference. From black to pink, they have everything for men, women, and even children.

It is easily adjustable with a wire cutter feature so that you can do double unders.

It's ideal for speed roping because of its lightweight body. Not only that, but it's an all-around rope that creates stable rope swinging.

Even if you miss one swing, you can quickly recover and keep going. You get to shave off wasted time and use your gym time efficiently.

It's worth every penny, as it comes with an extra cable, screws, and even a carrying bag for easy and professional-looking storage. It's as if you're getting two jump ropes.

Not only do you get a complete package, but they also offer a lifetime warranty for you to enjoy your jump rope for years to come. With a jump rope that spins fast and in an excellent package, there's nothing else you need!

  • Comes in different colors
  • Has an effective ball bearing system to keep the cable in place with its handles
  • It's versatile and suitable for beginner and expert jumpers- Its swivel bearing keeps your speed and form even if your swing isn't perfect
  • Handles have a tapered end for better grip
  • Has a carrying bag and extra rope
  • A few design flaws, with one handle being soother than the other
  • Screw holding is faulty

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We would recommend the Valeo jump rope for beginners, as it has the foam handles and solid rubber rope. That way, you can quickly learn how to start speed spinning, transitioning from the “regular” jump rope to that of CrossFit-worthy moves!

The molded handles with fan grips will quickly grasp and stick to your hands without fail, and its rope is made of the durable material to last for many workouts to come. It also has ball bearings for better and quicker rotation.

The rope is ten feet long, but you can shorten it to whatever length you prefer. It may seem confusing to adjust at first, as you need pliers for it. But once you get the hang of pulling the caps, you can shorten it quickly.

The handles are lightweight and feel comfortable when using it, although there are some slight imperfections such as rough spots or the fact it's too short (for those with big palms!). But at its price, you are still getting a quality jump rope worth the purchase.

  • Comes with thick padded handles for extra comfort and grip
  • Very affordable price
  • Good ball bearings to give consistent and quick spins
  • Solid material built to last for a long period of time
  • Lightweight and portable, easy to store and bring around
  • The pads of the handles are a bit too short and come in contact with dust easier
  • You will need pliers to adjust the rope length

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An awesome perk about King Athletic's jump rope is that it comes with an eBook containing everything you need to know about jumping rope to a whole new level. It's ideal for beginners and fitness buffs a!

It has an adjustable length and different colors to choose from, suitable for any man or woman. It can handle people as tall as 6'10, with the standard length being about 9'4. You can adjust the rope within minutes, shaving off the extra time needed for preparation in the gym.

With its lightweight body, you can easily bring it anywhere, may it be to the gym, storing it at home, or traveling town. That way, you have no excuse to NOT workout.

It has the custom molded foam handles for better gripping, as well as super-speed ball bearings for better rotation.

You'll be experiencing smooth and effortless spinning. The rope has genuine leather, so you have a jump rope built to last for the long run.

  • A great jump rope for speed and strength
  • Versatile for any workout focused on speed, from crossovers to double unders
  • Handles fit comfortable on hands and give great grip- Made strong and durable material that can withstand both indoor or outdoor settingIt is lightweight and easy to bring or store
  • Can easily be adjusted
  • Leather version of this jump rope is too light and won't maintain the shape
  • Rope comes kinked and tightly packed, so it takes time to straighten

With all the CrossFit jump ropes out there, we can definitely say that the Survival and Cross Jump Rope is one of the best ones to invest in. With its lightning speed when turning and lightweight body for easy storing and travel, you can use it anytime and anywhere.

The other four jump ropes are a great recommendation as well, but what the Survival and Cross Jump Rope has against the others would be its durable and strong body is made to withstand many intense exercises to come. The Survival and Cross Jump Rope makes for a great workout buddy at a very affordable price, suitable for those into CrossFit and any other sport!

Hopefully, this article on the best CrossFit jump rope will have helped you know which one is right to invest in for your future workouts. Don't wait anymore, invest in the best CrossFit jump rope and reap the many benefits it has to give today.

We hope you d the article! If you happen to have any other reviews or suggestions on the best CrossFit jump rope, then do post your comments down here. We would appreciate any comments you have to give.

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5 Benefits of Jumping Rope During Your Morning Routine

5 Benefits of Jumping Rope in the Mornings (2020)

Discover some amazing benefits of jumping rope and why you should add it to your fitness routine.

Ropes aren’t just made for tying knots and keeping things together. It’s also not a backyard or recess game restricted to just little girls. Even MMA fighters and boxers Muhammad Ali and Manny Pacquiao take skipping rope seriously.

If you’re worried about body parts “jiggling”, don’t be. We all have areas in our body that need some toning and tightening. What’s most important is that we do something about it at all.

There are more benefits of jumping rope than just enjoying the rhythm and leaping around trying to see how long you can last without messing up. Ready to add this simple equipment for your next workout? Here are a couple of its best qualities:

Is Jump Rope Considered a Real Sport?

“I’ve found the best gym – I think the guy who owns it has forgotten more about fitness than most people will ever learn… the first day I went there, I asked him if he had any cardio machines, and he threw me a jump rope.” – Sarah Wayne Callies

The “issue” of whether or not cheerleading is a “real sport” also applies to jump rope.

Jump Rope foundations exist, but it’s not an Olympic Sport – yet. They do have national and international events, though. The World Jump Rope Federation has also been doing its part in promoting and bringing more attention to jump rope as a sport.

A sport is defined as “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” Sports don’t have strict age restrictions. As long as you’re still able to stand on your own two feet, nobody’s stopping you.

1. It helps burn calories.

Since lots of muscles are being used at the same time, jumping rope is one of the few activities that provide benefits of a full-body workout in less than 15 minutes.

In an article by Science Daily, it is stated that jumping rope is an aerobic exercise and “can achieve a burn rate of up to 1,300 calories per hour of vigorous activity, with about 0.1 calories consumed per jump. Ten minutes of jumping rope can roughly be considered the equivalent of running (see running quotes) an eight-minute mile.”

Skipping rope is also as effective as doing crunches to slowly gain a six-pack. For faster, more apparent results, pair it with other workout methods or sports. Skipping rope is also one easy method to tone up those arms and legs. So get those legs hopping and calories burning!

2. It increases bone density.

“The longer you wait, the more the jump rope becomes a big steel cable.” – Susan Messing

Aside from incorporating food with high calcium content in your diet, one of the benefits of jumping rope is increase your bone density. Regardless of your age, jumping about 10 times, twice a day provides greater bone-building benefits than running, confirms a study by the American Journal of Health Promotion.

As we age, our bone density decreases, so we must find ways keep our bones strong.

3. Gives your brain a workout.

According to the Jump Rope Institute, the health benefits of jumping rope aren’t just limited to outer body and appearance; it helps our brains, too. Jumping helps enhance the development of our brain’s left and right hemisphere, improving our reading skills, memory and mental awareness.

4. It’s cheap, portable, and versatile.

“Those who don’t jump will never fly.”– Marcus Benson

Not sure where or how to start? It’s easy to incorporate this in your daily evening or morning routines. Depending on the availability of your time, it can be used as a warm-up, or is already a workout in itself.

All you really need is your rope, a clear area (outdoors, indoors or at the gym), and a flat surface that won’t ruin your rhythm and footing. There are plenty of workout guides for beginners on health sites and even Pinterest!

With just a jump rope and some determination, you’ll have no excuse as to why you can’t exercise for less than an hour – or 12 minutes to be exact.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can start joining jump rope communities, rather than just hopping around on your own. For more advanced, tech-savvy health enthusiasts, smart ropes that connect to phones have been invented.

You can pick your jumping style. There is more than one way to jump or skip. You can do it fast or slow, depending on your agility and stamina. There are also weighted ropes for those in search of more challenging routines.

5. It strengthens muscles and improves sense of balance.

“Jumping rope isn’t just for wannabe boxers. It’s a go-anywhere exercise that can help you prevent injury and increase your power, coordination, balance, agility, speed, quickness, cardiovascular fitness and explosiveness. Need we say more? “ – Mark Roozen

Once you’ve mastered the art, you’ll notice that you’re lighter on your feet. Since it targets your calves, knees, and ankle joints, you’ll find yourself focusing on your footwork unconsciously, reducing incidents such as foot and ankle injuries.

Athletes that play sports such as basketball and football use jump rope exercises as training and skill reinforcement, as their sport requires great agility, explosiveness, and speed.

Want to spice it up and have a bit more fun? Attempt to execute different tricks and alternate your speed.

Not feeling challenged enough with just one rope? Give double-dutch a try. It used to be one of my past times in grade school, especially during play time. Little did I know it was great practice for my hand-foot-eye coordination.

Keeping up a consistent pace is harder than it looks. One of the biggest benefits of jumping rope is that you can find – and follow – your own rhythm.

Source: https://everydaypower.com/benefits-of-jumping-rope/