10 Simple Ways to Travel Safe, Carefree and Joyfully

10 Simple Ways to Travel Safe, Carefree and Joyfully

10 Simple Ways to Travel Safe, Carefree and Joyfully

While traveling, there are certain ways to enjoy deeper and have meaningful travel experience.

Although everyone has a right to determine their unique travel experience that would make a difference in their life, we’ve got a few suggestions on how you can explore the world purposely and make the most your ventures. Below are simple and actionable ways to improve your travel experience.

Pack Only the Essential Items In Your Carry-On 

As recent stats indicate, at least one bag tends to get lost or delayed on every flight. For that reason, expert travelers recommend packing only those essential things you can’t live without. Also, try to pack only those items that aren’t easily or expensively replaced, such as a lightweight raincoat or running shoes. 

You see; packing the essential items allows you to set your carry-on more effectively so you can get through airport security faster. If you must pack a plastic bag with liquids, for example, it would be wise to pack it right outside close to the top of your backpack. By so doing, you’ll find it easier to pull it out for screening.  

Make Sure to Have an Extra Credit Card or Bank Card With You

Disasters are bound to happen as far as traveling is concerned. Who knows, you might get robbed or lose a card while traveling. The best way to avoid these mishaps is to have a backup, just in case something peculiar happens. 

Without an extra bank card or credit card, you’re ly to get stuck in a strange location without access to your funds. Having something extra to grant you access to your funds is a live-saver, especially when it comes to traveling. Otherwise, you might be forced to borrow money from your relatives when you get stranded, which isn’t a good picture. 

Pick the Right Way of Transport

Global warming is REAL. Your choices, including the way you travel matters. Fortunately, some travel methods are greener than others.

Of course, hiking or cycling around the world would be the best bo not everyone can do that. Oftentimes a scenic train or a bus are good opportunities to explore.

Check all the options available out there before jumping in a smelly plane which CO2 emissions are straightforward enough, and also generate a host of other “outputs”, including nitrous oxide.

In the last 30 years, we have lost 50% of the world’s coral. Raising the temperature of just 2 degrees causes enormous changes, exactly it would cause it a body. Humans depend on the coral reef, as it’s a nursery for fish and source of food bu as well as components of cancer medications. We need to travel and live responsible NOW.

Choose Non-Populated Areas

Another awesome way to enjoy the utmost comfort while traveling is choosing a place that’s not too populated. A less populated area gives you a unique traveling experience as you’ll be able to feel you rule your surroundings. 

Trekkers and hikers certainly understand whatever we’re trying to convey in this perspective. Whenever you’re out there trying to do your things on the mountain, the whole world seems it’s standing docile at your feet, and virtually nothing is impossible. 

Know Your Hotel Info

Knowing your hotel information is critical when it comes to traveling. Remember you’re visiting a destination you’ve never gone before, and anything can happen in the process. First, you might miss your connection and get late checking in, and secondly, your luggage might get lost or delayed. 

It is important to have complete contact information about your hotel in order to cushion you against these ly happenings. Make sure to have a crystal-clear print the hotel’s name, phone number, and address. Also, it’s a prudent idea to have a map of the hotel’s neighborhood so that you can show it to a confused cab chauffer. 

Focus on Comfort in Your Hotel or Cabin 

One of the best ways to get the most your travel experience is to focus on your comfort and expand your boundaries.

There are things that can break you your comfort on an international trip, such as having to deal with uncomfortable living rooms after booking a hotel, cottage or cabin.

Whether you plan to stay for weeks or months, it would be wise to augment your room using the 8×10 rug in living room. 

Using the 8×10 rugs can help you create a cozy focal point with ample proportions that offer a finishing touch to your living room or bedroom. These rugs come in a wide variety of colors and materials. Hence, they’re sure to provide an abundance of comfort and style regardless of how you opt to place it. 

For ultimate comfort, you might also want to try a comfortable bean bag to support your back, especially when you’re watching TV or playing some consoles in your living room. A bundle beanbag provides a flexible and comfortable seating that meets modern living. It comes in a contemporary style, making it a perfect addition to any living room. 

Investing in high-quality mattresses, rugs and furniture is a prudent decision if you desire to have a more enjoyable trip and unforgettable experience.

These are best home products with unparalleled standards for style, quality, and value.

They comprise modern and durable pieces of furniture, including comfy sofas, beanbags and loveseats, which create an inviting space to unwind and enjoy. 

Learn a Few Phrases in the Indigenous Language of Your Destination 

Leaning a few basic phrases will make your stay easier than you would fathom. It’s going to make your interactions less of a hassle, and most of the locals will certainly be glad about it. 

It isn’t necessary to master everything regarding the native language of your destination, but you simply need to get accustomed to a few things “Thank you!”, “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “Where’s my room”, etc. This will come in handy in endearing yourself with the locals, and they’ll ly appreciate that you tried. 

Leave Laziness Aside 

The nice things out there won’t see themselves on their own

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Krakin’ Krakoa #35: Wolverine #1 Review – Where Does Wolverine Fit In The Dawn of X?

10 Simple Ways to Travel Safe, Carefree and Joyfully

An all new Wolverine comic series launches today for the first time in six years!

Today I’ll answer:

+ Where’s Wolverine been in the Marvel Universe, and why hasn’t he had a comic series since 2014?

+ Where the new Wolverine series fits in the X-Men: Dawn of X!

+ Who are the villains of the new Wolverine ongoing?

Wolverine #1 is an over-sized, excellent (and $7.99) special with two full stories written by Ben Percy. The first, with art by Adam Kubert and colors by Frank Martin, is an extended continuation of the Dawn of X X-Force run Percy’s been writing as well.

The issue kicks off with an opening reminiscent of Old Man Logan, with X-Force teammates Jean Grey, Domino, and Quentin Quire apparently dead at the hands of a badly wounded, amnesiac but healing Wolverine.

Really since X-Force #1, Percy’s shown a clear desire to explore concepts of safety on Krakoa, and in the case of Wolverine, this character surrounded in generations of violence, the idea of ever letting go enough to truly be at peace.

Calling back to the imagery of Hickman/Larraz in House of X #1, there’s something remarkably sweet about Wolverine playing hide-and-seek with a bunch of young mutants, and only having his spot revealed by a teasing Jean Grey.

In the pages of Wolverine #1’s first story, black market Krakoan flowers are driving increases in religious cults around the world the ‘Order of X.’

Percy’s shown an eye for exploring the impact of Krakoan drugs in X-Force, and Wolvy continues that trend with more conversation about pollen than you can shake an allergist at.

As Jean Grey states later in the issue “They believe if they consume enough pollen, then Krakoa will bind with their DNA and make them… something more. Not quite human and note quite mutant. A hybrid life-form. A new species.

They think the same is true of our blood.”

This all drives to an “X-Force” assemble moment, with Wolverine enlisting Sage’s aid to uncover an Order of X cult hideout, and bringing Jean, Domino, and Quentin (with Gateway’s chauffeuring aid) to explore the mistreatment of Krakoa’s pollen.

The mystery revolves around how we truly get from this point to Wolverine surrounding his teammates dead bodies in the snow, and running headfirst into the CIA operative we also see tracking the pollen trade throughout this storyline.

More to come of course, and I’m excited to see how it all plays out, including the revelations of the mysterious “Pale Girl” behind it all.

My first “Pale Girl” thought jumped to Miss Sinister (yes I just read “Dead Man Logan” why do you ask?), but that seems unly from the story ending slight reveal.

The second story by Percy and Viktor Bogdonavich plays in more familiar Wolverine comic territory, but still tackles several Krakoa questions, such as the policy of inviting truly every mutant onto the island regardless of their past deeds and inclinations towards serial killing.

The appearance of a bloody Omega Red – a longtime Wolverine nemesis, dating back to 1991’s X-Men #4 in comics history, but even further back into Wolverine’s back story – requesting amnesty sets Wolverine on edge, and leads to a confrontation with Magneto (who joyously tosses Wolverine through a Krakoan gate a rag doll).

Wolverine and Magneto get into a pretty interesting debate about the dangers of a presence Omega Red on Krakoa – remember back in House of X #5 it was Wolverine who expressed the most vocal objections to Apocalypse joining the island.

Magneto argues the dangers of deadly mutants are nullified by Krakoa’s resurrection protocols, and Wolverine counters with “immortality don’t erase trauma.”

This is a very compelling argument in theory, but it raises the question that has come up a few times now – How much would a mutant actually remember about their death? After all, Professor X’s backups occur weekly, not down to the second, so it’s actually very ly that the circumstances surrounding a mutant’s death would be unknown even to them. This comes up in the pages of X-Men #6, where Magneto, Professor X and Mystique can’t quite be certain Mystique’s goals were achieved prior to her death in House of X #4.

If that’s the case, isn’t Wolverine’s point kind of null and void?

Regardless, Omega Red’s presence and manipulations send Wolverine on a journey to Paris where he runs into a swelling Vampire Nation, who literally hang Wolverine upside down and stick a faucet in his neck a Keg-arine.

As it’s ultimately revealed, the Vampire Nation seeks Wolverine’s “Endless” blood to feed their leader, Dracula, who is very much in league with Omega Red. Dracula gives Omega, real name Arkady, the carbonadium synthesizer he is literally always looking for – usually because Wolverine and Maverick are playing keepaway with it! – in exchange for his loyalty as a mole inside Krakoa.

Appropriately, there’s been a lot of theorizing about a mutant mole in the pages of X-Force and Omega Red could certainly fit the bill. It almost seems too easy, and perhaps misaligned with Dracula’s goals, but I do love the idea of Percy continuing to weave threads between Wolverine and X-Force.

wise, Wolverine and the X-Men have a long, entertaining history battling both Omega Red and Vampires, so I frankly love the inclusion here.

There’s also been some compelling work with Dracula and the Vampire Nation in the pages of the Jason Aaron / Ed McGuiness run on Avengers that may be worth exploring any crossover as Wolverine continues.

If for no other reason than to showcase the panel I keep on hand of Captain America carrying a giant cross and yelling “So come take a big bite! If you’ve got the stomach for it!” at a crowd of vampires.

I loved the heck Wolverine #1 more than even anticipated, and am thrilled to have this new series as part of the Dawn of X. Between this and the regular excellence of X-Force I’ve been really impressed by Percy’s contributions to the Dawn of X.

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A New Adventure Chapter 12, a harry potter fanfic

10 Simple Ways to Travel Safe, Carefree and Joyfully

Daphne stood at the top of the hill, looking at the wizarding home that appeared before her. Harry stood beside her, giving her hand a soft squeeze, reminding her that he was here for her. Letting her take all the time she needed before walking into a house full of lions.

The Burrow looked as if it would fall over any second, and Daphne wished it would, only for her to avoid the people inside. But she knew that it was held together with the strongest magic. Making it more stable than the skyscraper she called home back in New York.

Her body filled with anxiety in what today might bring. Sunday, the day of the Weasley Brunch. The day Harry was going to see his family, he hadn't seen or talked too since he went to New York. And the day Daphne was going to meet the family that, she assumed, didn't want her to be in Harry's life.

While she knew that Hermione and Ron approved of her in Harry's life, something the former told her the day they met her and after when Hermione took her out to for lunch to get to know her better.

“You make Harry happy. In the end, that's all that everyone wants.”

Daphne kept those words on replay in her mind as they walked down the hill to the front door. The closer she got, the clearer the joyful sounds of laughter inside from the large family. The very large family. The large family that almost had Harry as a son or brother in law.

She thought she was walking to her death—emotional, mental, and physical end.

“Harry. We-we can do this, right?”

She watched as Harry took a deep breath gathering all his Gryffindor courage before squeezing her hand softly, “I hope so. All that matters is we have each other.”

They gave each other a soft, gentle kiss before Harry knocked on the door.

“Last chance to run,” Daphne muttered as Harry pulled her closer to him. Almost as if he was trying to channel some of his courage to her. And she took every ounce. Somehow she was going to make it out alive, with some of her and Harry's self-preservation.

Of course, she weighed all the possible outcomes of what could happen after meeting the Weasleys'. But those were worst-case scenarios. She didn't know what was going to happen once they step foot into the Burrow.

“Harry! Daph!” Daphne gave her newfound friend a hug and smile after Harry. Hermione promised to be the one to open the door, ease her into the new environment. “Don't worry. Ginny isn't here yet.”

The couple let out a breathe neither knew they were holding, which in turn made Hermione let out a small chuckle.

“Thank you 'Mione,” Harry said with a small smile before turning to Daphne, “Are you ready, or do you still need to plan out the next ten steps?”

Daphne captured his lips in hers, the kiss was short, but those two seconds meant everything to them, her. They were a united front, and she didn't need plans to get here alive. “I am ready.”

As the couple followed Hermione, Daphne took the chance to look around the house. She could see the similarities of her childhood home and this house. You could feel the magic flowing around, giving you a tight, comforting hug.

Honestly, the only difference she could see between this wizard home and her own was the fact she was raised in a manor. But there was a part of her that wished she could have been raised here. Because at least here she would've had more than just a sister and traveling parents.

“Oh, Harry, my sweet boy,” Molly Weasley exclaimed when she saw the messy black hair of her surrogate son. Tears began to fill her eyes as she wrapped her arms around the man. “I am so happy you're back.”

“It's good to see you, Molly,” Harry said quietly, hoping to keep his emotions in check. Worried wasn't even a feeling Harry thought he would ever over feel after the war. But when he discovered the truth about his and Ginny's relationship, he thought the Weasleys', Molly primarily, would side with the only daughter. It turned out he was wrong.

Molly turned her attention to the blonde woman that kept her distance from the embrace. She knew who Daphne Greengrass was. The eldest of the Greengrass daughters, who always kept to herself. Fred and George mentioned she was the only Slytherin they didn't pull a personal prank on. Something that Molly saw as a glowing reference of her character.

“Daphne, it is very nice to meet you.” The older witch held out her hand towards the younger witch.

“You as well, Mrs. Weasley.”

“It's Molly, dear. Mrs. Weasley makes me feel an old woman.” She gave the girl a soft smile before releasing her hand. “Now, you two head into the living room, lunch will be served whenever one is here.”

“Would you any help in the kitchen?” Daphne asked before Harry could pull her away.

“No, the hard part is over. Thank you, though, my dear.” And with that, Harry won, and she followed her boyfriend further into the house where the rest of the red-headed family was seated.

She watched as Harry hugged every one of the family members. The sons, the wives, the children. She couldn't believe that a family this large would continue to have get-togethers every Sunday. Her family could barely handle having a goodbye dinner before sending the two daughters to Hogwarts.

Daphne never complained about her parents or her childhood, seeing as others had much worse, she sometimes wished her parents didn't make their job first priority. But, instead did so with their daughters.

“Everyone this is Daphne,” Harry said, pulling her closer to his side, as he pointed out each one introducing them to her.

“Hi, everyone.” She gave them all a small wave from her comfort spot under Harry's arm.

“Greengrass, correct?” Bill Weasley asked with his arm wrapped around his beautiful wife's shoulders. “I have worked with your father and mother in the past.”

Nodding her head in remembrance, her father was always impressed when he worked with the eldest of the Weasley children. “Yes, my father has mentioned that. Always says you do good work when he comes to you with an artifact.”

“Glad to hear.” He said with a small smile on his face. “I've heard your little sister is getting married?”

“She is to Draco Malfoy. I have no idea what she sees in him, but Tori is in love and happy. If my sister is happy, well, to me, that is all that matters.”

“And someone being happy with Malfoy still astounds me since I found out about the wedding,” Ron commented as Hermione slapped Ron on the back of the head.

Daphne was grateful for the ice break as the rest of the Weasleys began to talk to one another, taking all the tension off of herself. She kept herself close to Harry as he spoke with George about the joke shop. She was only commenting when spoken to.

Eventually, she was pulled away from Harry by Hermione to talk with the rest of the girls. Daphne was nervous when she realized that they all knew Harry longer than she did. Sure she went to school with her boyfriend, but they didn't say anything to each other except for maybe a handful of words during those six years.

Hermione helped to make sure the conversation stays light and smooth with Fleur, Angelina, and Audrey. They talked about Victoria, Bill, and Fleur's daughter, and how she was discovering new things. They talked about how Audrey and Percy trying for a baby, now that they both felt comfortable in their careers. And the planning of Angelina and George's wedding.

“I can't find a wedding dress that I .” Angelina groaned, “I want something more muggle. George and I are far from being traditional. We are already having the wedding here at the Burrow, but I don't want my wedding to be exactly Fleur or Audrey's. No offense, girls.”

“Oh, none taken,” Audrey said, waving off her soon to be sister in law. “We completely understand. Every bride wants their wedding to be different, special. Whatever you need, we will help you.”

“I designed Astoria's dress after she couldn't find what she wanted,” Daphne said, shifting in her seat when all the girls turned their attention to her. “I could draw something up if you would .”

“Oh, Merlin, could you?” Angelina asked, her brown eyes full of hope. “That would be amazing!”

Pulling out a sketch pad from her bag, the one thing that could never leave the house without her. Never knowing when inspiration would come. Daphne looked at the future bride, “Alright, explain your perfect dress to me.” As she was drawing, she glanced up and made eye contact with Harry. All her worries that she was suppressing went away when she saw his carefree smile.

But that carefree smile didn't last long when she watched his green eyes focus on something, someone else. Ginny Weasley had entered the Burrow. And everyone stopped what they were doing.

“Let the games begin,” Daphne mumbled, handing Angelina the mostly drawn wedding dress before making her way towards Harry. Once she reached Harry, Mrs. Weasley announced that it was time to eat. Harry squeezed her hand as they walked to the kitchen.

As the family sat down for brunch, the only thing you could hear was the scratching of the kitchen utensils, pilling the food up on everyone's plates.

Daphne looked around the table, the once comfortable feeling she felt when she walked into the home was now gone. She knew that they all opinions of Harry and Ginny's break up.

And while they have all been kind to her, she didn't know if their tunes would change now that one of their own was here.

Self-preservation was always the first thing that came to her mind. It was how she created the Ice Queen persona at Hogwarts. Not believing in blood supremacy and being in Slytherin meant self-preservation. Distancing herself from her housemates and even the other students was what she needed to do at the time.

But now, she had a boyfriend and was starting to make friends with her boyfriend's friends. The only problem was she had to deal with the ex-girlfriend of her boyfriend. And with the death glares, she was receiving, and she knew it wasn't going to be easy.

“I saw the article about the two of you.” All heads turned to Ginny, but she paid no attention to her family. She was just keeping her brown eyes on the couple down the table. “Surprising since you don't having your face in the paper, Harry.”

“Ginny, don't start. Can't we just enjoy this meal that your mum made?” Harry pleaded. Usually, his green eyes were easy to read, but now they were filled with so much emotion no one knew what he was feeling.

“Yes, please, this was supposed to be a nice brunch,” Molly said, looking directly at Ginny. “No drama, please.”

“If you wanted no drama, then maybe you shouldn't have invited anyone. Only family.” Responding to her mother, but her eyes still on Harry and Daphne.

“I have been apart of this family since I was eleven years old. I am family.” Harry spat, with a smirk resting on his face when he saw the Weasley siblings nodding their heads in agreement. “Everything was going fantastic until you showed up. So maybe you're the who shouldn't have been invited.”

Fury took over when she realized everyone in her family was siding with Harry, “Some kind of family you are. Siding with my ex and not your daughter, your sister.”

Before any Weasleys could make a statement, Daphne stood up and slammed her hands on the table, “Oh, that's enough! Do you think you're the victim?! You are the one that cheated! No one ever sides with the cheater, only other cheaters! And clearly, that is no one in your family!”

“You don't know anything.”

Daphne chuckled softly under her breath at Ginny's stubbornness. The most common Gryffindor trait. Before she said anything else to the redhead, she transformed her face as she wore it during school. The Ice Queen has arrived, “Oh, I know everything.

I know how Harry had been working his arse off finishing the war. How he made sure everyone was safe before he even checked in on himself. And I know how he found you in bed with another man, who surprisingly enough isn't here.

Got sick of him already? Or did he leave you because he realized you aren't worth the trouble?”

“Aren't any of you going to say something to her?” Ginny cried, looking at her family, not a one was making eye contact with the youngest Weasley. “Do all of you think the same thing she does? Do you not love me anymore?”

“Ginevra, of course, we still love you,” Molly stated, pulling her daughter's attention to her. “But you made your bed, and now you must lie in it.”

Wiping the tears that fell from her eyes, Ginny pushed herself away from the table, “I guess I better be going then. No need to be somewhere where most of the people don't want you there.”

“No, we'll leave,” Harry said, taking Daphne's hand in his own. “You all have some family issues to work on, and we don't need to be here.”

Harry and Daphne stood in the living room of Grimmauld Place, holding onto one another. The second they exited the fireplace, they grabbed each other. Neither knew what exactly was going to happen. Besides the shtick at the end, everything went smoothly.

All the Weasley boys said that Daphne was too good for him, and he agreed. She was too good for him, and he thanked the stars every day when he woke up next to her.

“We made it,” Daphne whispered in his chest. “I'm sorry about the end, though.”

“You have nothing to be sorry about; you were amazing back there,” Kissing the top of her head with a small smile on his lips. “The things you said. I love you.”

Loosening her hold on him, just enough to where she could make eye contact with him. Her blue eyes looking in his green. His beautiful green eyes that were full of love, making her speak before she could even think.

“I love you too.”

Source: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13239566/12/A-New-Adventure