Can You Move Your Virgin Box?

How much does it cost to get Virgin Media in another room?

Virgin Media multi-room Customers get a second Virgin TV V6 box for free.

Those with the Full House, Mix and Player bundles can get an additional V6 box for £49.95 plus a £20 activation fee, plus a £7.50 a month subscription.

Virgin’s V6 box can record six shows while you watch a seventh..

Can I watch Virgin TV in more than one room?

You can get up to five additional set-top boxes with Virgin Media multi-room. These allow you to watch all the channels you have as part of your Virgin TV subscription, as well as on-demand shows and apps. … Customers get a second Virgin TV V6 box for free.

Can I get a v6 box for free?

Customers who take a TV and broadband bundle will be able to upgrade their older set-top box for Virgin TV’s smallest, smartest and fastest V6 box at no additional cost and with no re-contract requirements. Eligible customers will be contacted in the coming weeks with details of how they can request their V6 box.

Can I cancel my Virgin Media contract if I move house?

Unfortunately, if you’re still within the minimum term of your contract, the only thing you can do is cancel it and pay the termination fee – which may be quite costly.

Can you move Virgin router to another room?

Your connection box is usually put in the living room on the wall. If you wish to move your equipment further away from the box then you simply extend or replace the existing Virgin Cable and then connect again to either a TiVo Box or my Super Hub broadband router.

How do I move my cable box?

Move your cable box to use it in the other room.Turn off the cable box. … Unplug the digital cable box from the electrical outlet.Unplug the coax cables from the back of the box. … Move the box to the room where you want it to be connected. … Connect the box. … Turn the cable box on and wait for it to load.

How can I watch a v6 box in another room?

Select the Virgin TV V6 or TiVo box you want to watch from (in our example, select the living room box, where you had been watching the show). Press OK. Then choose the show you want to watch and press OK. Select the recording and press Play to pick up where you left off.

Can you run two TVS off one box?

Re: Connect 2 tvs to one Tivo Box You can then just run a standard Co-Ax cable to your second TV.

How much does it cost to add Virgin multiroom?

Multiroom. There’s also the option to plump for additional TV boxes (five maximum) via Virgin Media’s multiroom service with prices starting at £7.50 extra, per box, per month and an activation cost of £49.95. Although additional activation costs may apply to those taking more than one extra box.

Can I move my TiVo box to another room?

Re: Moving v6 box to another room It is technically possible for you to relocate your V6 to another room, but there are a few things to consider. If you relocate it yourself and use cabling that has NOT been supplied by Virgin and have an issue, they will not be able to help you with the problem.

How do I move my house with Virgin Media?

What to do: Call Virgin Media’s ( customer service to arrange a home move, and be sure to have your new and old addresses, moving date, and account number to hand. When moving day comes, take your equipment with you, as you may be able to install it yourself.