Question: What Color Will A Blue Object Appear Under A Red Light?

What happens when green light passes through a red filter?

If a green and a red filter are placed together, what colours would you expect to be transmitted.

(Answer – no colour will be transmitted, it will appear black.

This is because a pure red filter only allows through red light and a pure green filter only allows through green light..

Which color absorbs more heat red or blue?

Answer 3: The color blue does absorb heat. In general, the more light an object absorbs, the more heat absorbed since light is energy.

What color is blocked by a red filter?

green lightA red filter blocks green light and blue light: Only red light can get through to your eyes.

Why does a green object look black in red light?

In diagram 2, the same object is seen under red light. Because the green surface absorbs all colours other than green, no light at all is reflected from the object. No light enters the observers eye, so the object appears a black colour. … The surface reflects the red and blue components, but absorbs the green component.

What Colour will a blue book appear in red light?

black1 Answer. This occurs because the blue book absorbs all the red, leaving nothing to be reflected, so it appears black.

What happens when red light passes through a blue filter?

A filter is a transparent material that absorbs some colors and allows others to pass through. Light is the only source of color. … But when blue light from a blue filter hits a red object, the blue will be absorbed and no light will be reflected, giving the object an appearance of being black.

What color light passes through a blue filter?

Blue filters absorb yellow light (the complementary color of blue). If white light (red + blue + green) shines on a blue filter and yellow (red + green) light is absorbed, all that is left to be transmitted is blue light.

Does a red filter block blue light?

Blue light physical filters You need a red filter to block all blue and green light. You need a yellow filter to block all blue light. If you look at the picture above you need the second or the third filter. This will block all blue light or all blue and green light.

What color would a blue object look if you shined red light on it?

blackSo shining red light on a blue object would, in an ideal world, show it as black. In the real world no object is perfectly blue, it will reflect some light outside the blue.

What happens if you shine a blue light on a red apple?

Under blue light, an apple will appear black because it absorbs the blue light and has no red light to reflect. In contrast, if magenta light is shined on the apple, it will appear red because magenta light is comprised of red and blue light. The blue light will still be absorbed, but the red will be reflected.

What color does red and green make?

Red and green give yellow, red and blue give you magenta and a mix of green and blue result in a cyan color. The secondary colors are also the primary colors in the subtractive color system.

What Colour will a green object appear under a red light?

This means that a yellow object will appear red under red light, and green under green light.

What Colour would you see if you shine a yellow light on a blue object?

blackWhen you shine yellow light on blue, you will see black because a blue surface can reflect only blue. A white will look yellow because it is a mixture of all colors.

Is blue light faster than red light?

We call this effect dispersion, since it disperses the colors in different directions. Blue light travels slightly slower in glass than red light, so it bends a sharper angle when it enters the glass from air. In physics, we say the glass has a higher refractive index for blue light than red light.

What color will we see if an object is absorbing all of the colors of light?

As shown in the next figure, an object is seen as black if it absorbs all colors of white light. A white object reflects all colors of white light equally. If an object absorbs all colors but one, we see the color it does not absorb.