Quick Answer: How Many Hours Does A 3500mAh Battery Last?

How many hours does a 3000mah battery last?

The “mAh”, meaning milli-amps per hour, gives the energy capacity of the battery.

In your case, 3,000 mAh generally means you can expect to get 100 mA for about 30 hours usage, or 10 mA for 300 hours, or 1 mA for 3,000 hours..

How long will a 3200mah battery last?

For instance if a current of 800 mA is drawn every hour from a battery of 3200 Mah, then it can deliver the energy for 4 hours. Battery capacity of 3200 mah, will last a day or maybe few hours.

How many hours does a 4000mah battery last?

A 4000 mAh battery, on a full charge, will last for 4000 hours when the circuit it powers draws 1 mA current. The same battery on a full charge, will last 4 hours if 1000 mA (1 A) is being drawn. It will last just 1 hour if you draw 4000 mA of current from it.

How long does a 3400mah battery last?

It depends on your Usage, your Mobile Condition, Updates properly maintained or not. Generally a new battery will lasts about 1 day with small internet usage & attending few calls, but if you’r a gamer or an internet freak then it’ll last about 13–14 hours.

Is a 3000 mAh battery good?

3000mAh battery is useful if you only use your smartphones for basic tasks like browsing social media and replying to messages. Now, if you are happy with a small battery, it becomes important to have a fast charging solution available.

How long does a 6000mah battery last?

The company claims that you can get as much as 131 hours of music playback and as much as 14 hours of video playback with this monster.