Quick Answer: What Is Illegitimate?

What is another word for illegitimate?

What is another word for illegitimate?illegalillicitbannedactionablecontrabandforbiddenlawbreakingprohibitedproscribedunlicensed232 more rows.

What is illegitimate child in the Philippines?

Article 164 of the Family Code defined an “illegitimate” child as one conceived and born outside of a valid marriage or outside lawful wedlock. “Illegitimate children do not enjoy the same rights as legitimate ones. … Without the AUSF, an illegitimate child shall use the surname of the mother.

What do you call an illegitimate daughter?

An illegitimate child is a child who is born to parents who are not married to each other, or who is born “out of wedlock.” An illegitimate child may also be referred to as a “bastard,” or a “love child.” Perhaps one of the most famous illegitimate children in Hollywood was the love child born to actor and the former …

What does illegitimate ruler mean?

: not accepted by the law as rightful an illegitimate ruler. illegitimate.

What’s the meaning of unlawful?

1 : not lawful : illegal. 2 : not morally right or conventional. Other Words from unlawful Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More about unlawful.

Who owns a child born out of wedlock in Nigeria?

Under customary law, as it is applicable in some part of Nigeria, if a woman has a child by a man to whom she is not married, custody of the child is deemed to be exclusive to the father or the mother, and this is so even if the child has been acknowledged by the Father. In Okoli V. Okoli (2003) 8 NWLR (PT.

What is illegitimate relationship?

existence of biological (sexual) relationship without wedlock. So, it is. not a legal marriage which is registered; (2) the term Illegitimate. Children in the decree of Constitutional Court is defined as children. born out of wedlock or children born before 180 days (6 months)

What do you call a fatherless child?

orphan. The definition of orphan is a child or something related to a child who’s lost their parents. 0. 0. orphaned.

What’s another word for illegal?

SYNONYMS FOR illegal 1 unlawful; illegitimate; illicit; unlicensed.

What is an illegitimate father?

An illegitimate child is born to parents who are not married to each other at the time of the child’s birth. Even if the parents later married, the child would still be considered illegitimate. Children who were born during a marriage that was later annulled were historically considered illegitimate.

What happens if you marry a woman with a child?

It doesn’t end when the child is 18. When you marry someone with children, you are signing up for a lifetime commitment, not just to your spouse but also to the step-kids. Long after the high school graduation, your involvement with stepchildren will continue. In fact, you may eventually be a step-grandparent!

What does illegitimate birth mean?

born of parents who are not married to each other; born out of wedlock: an illegitimate child. not legitimate; not sanctioned by law or custom.