What Is The Opposite Word Of Intimidating?

What’s another word for victim?

Victim Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for victim?preydupetargetfoolmarkpushovercasualtyclownputzchump73 more rows.

What do you call someone who is dominant?

adjective. The definition of dominant is a person who is in a position of power or who is exhibiting powerful or controlling tendencies. An example of dominant is a strong and powerful CEO. Dominant refers to a gene that will present itself by producing a characteristic that can be inherited.

What is the opposite of intimidating?

What is the opposite of intimidated?braveboldpluckydoughtyunfearingunfazedcomposedunworriedhappyassured56 more rows

What is the opposite of dominated?

dominated(adj) controlled or ruled by superior authority or power. Antonyms: domineering, uncontrolled.

What is the opposite of attacker?

What is the opposite of attacker?allyfriendconfederatecomradecolleaguepartnercollaboratorbackerhelperbedfellow9 more rows

What makes a person intimidating?

1) You Stick to Your Word. While being someone people can count on should be a good thing, many people are intimidated by the idea that you do what you said you would do. This often makes others look bad because let’s face it, more often than not, people slack off in certain areas of their life.

What does attacker mean?

Noun. (plural attackers) Someone who attacks. (soccer) One of the players on a team in football (soccer) in the row nearest to the opposing team’s goal, who are therefore principally responsible for scoring goals.

What is the meaning of assailant?

: a person who attacks someone violently an assault by an unknown assailant She could identify the assailant and his two accomplices, and she wanted to press charges.—

What is another word for dominant?

In this page you can discover 81 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for dominant, like: unassuming, domineering, retiring, humble, ruling, governing, predominant, commanding, imperious, imperative and authoritative.

What’s another word for intimidating?

What is another word for intimidating?alarmingfrighteningformidablefrightfulghastlyhorrendoushorriblehorrifyingmenacingredoubtable127 more rows

Is it good to be intimidating?

While being intimidating has become synonymous with being unapproachable, it’s clear that it’s not always a bad thing to look like you’re capable of doing great things. When people feel that you’re able to do great work, they’ll likely approach you with even better projects–and higher expectations for your work.

What does presiding mean?

verb (used without object), pre·sid·ed, pre·sid·ing. to occupy the place of authority or control, as in an assembly or meeting; act as president or chairperson. to exercise management or control (usually followed by over): The lawyer presided over the estate.